V International Annual Applied Science Conference "Topical Issues of Interventional Radiology. Emergency and Critical Conditions"

V International Annual Applied Science Conference
"Topical Issues of Interventional Radiology. Emergency and Critical Conditions"

October 23-24, 2014, St. Petersburg

"Holiday Inn" hotel, congress hall "Moskovsky"

97, Moskovsky Prospect

Conference organizers:
Independent non-profit organization "Intervention radiologists of the Northwest region"
St. Petersburg Healthcare Committee

Conference supporters:
FSBI "Russian Federation Healthcare Ministry Scientific Centre of Radiology and Surgical Technologies"
St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology
S. M. Kirov Military Medical Academy of the Russian Federation Defense Ministry
FSBI "V.A. Almazov Federal Center of Heart, Blood and Endocrinology"
Russian Society of Intervention Oncologic Radiologists

Conference co-chairpersons:
Professor N. A. Borisova, M.D.
Professor K. L. Kozlov, M.D.
V. K. Sukhov, M.D.
Professor G. G. Khubulava, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, M.D.

Conference organizing committee:
R. A. Azovtsev, M.D. (St. Petersburg), S. V. Vlasenko, Candidate of Medical Sciences (St. Petersburg), S. V. Golyshev (Severodvinsk),
D. A. Zverev, Candidate of Medical Sciences (St. Petersburg), V. I. Ivanov (Pskov), A. N. Ivanenko (Arkhangelsk), D. V. Kandyba (St. Petersburg),
M. Ju. Kaputin, M.D. (St. Petersburg), A. V. Karev, M.D. (St. Petersburg), I. N. Kochanov , Candidate of Medical Sciences (St. Petersburg),
D. A. Korotkov , Candidate of Medical Sciences (Syktyvkar), E. J. Lavrov (Vologda), L. A. Marchenkov (Murmansk), I.B. Oleksyuk, Candidate of Medical Sciences (St. Petersburg),
V. K. Ryzhkov, M.D. (St. Petersburg), M. A. Sergeev (Petrozavodsk), S. P. Semitko, M.D. (Moscow),
Professor P. G. Tarazov, M.D. (St. Petersburg), D. V. Teplyakov, Candidate of Medical Sciences (St. Petersburg).
Secretary on science: E.V. Sedova, Candidate of Medical Sciences (St. Petersburg)

The conference program

October, 17. Day 1

8.20 Registration. Welcome coffee-break.

10.00-17.00 Nurse section. "Deineka" Hall

9.00 Welcome speech:
Representative of St. Petersburg Healthcare Committee, K. L. Kozlov, V. K. Sukhov.

9.10-10.00 Plenary session
V. V. Tyrenko (St. Petersburg)

Updated recommendations on ACS treatment with ST-turn elevation to complete revascularization.
A. V. Savello (St. Petersburg)

Intravascular revascularization at acuity of ischemic stroke: current situation and prospects.
P. V. Balakhnin (St. Petersburg)

Interventional radiology methods at treatment of oncology patients' emergency conditions.
A. N. Yakovlev (St. Petersburg)

Antiplatelet therapy after TCI at ACS: how to provide efficacy? 20 minutes

Section sessions.
10.00-11.20 Emergency and critical conditions at congenital and acquired heart valvular disease.
Chairpersons: N. A. Borisova, R. R. Movsesyan, A.G. Osiev., V. K. Sukhov, G. G. Khubulava.

10.00-10.10 V. K. Sukhov, E. A. Shloido, D. A. Shubenok, K. P. Kravchenko, A .S. Sergeev, S. D. Igoshin (St. Petersburg).
Transcatheter closure of postinfarction interventricular septal defect using AMPLATZER occluder.

10.10-10.25 Varvarenko V. I (Tomsk)
Endovascular treatment of critical and emergency conditions in newborns with congenital heart valvular disease.

10.25-10.35 A. G. Osiev (Moscow)
Therapeutic approach to patients with postinfarction intraventricular septal rupture.

10.35-10.45 V. V. Privorotsky, N. V. Marukian, D. A. Zverev, N. A. Borisova (St. Petersburg)
Transcatheter balloon valvuloplasty of critical and severe aortic valve stenosis in babies under the age of one.

10.45-10.55 R. S. Akchurin, T. E. Imaev, P. M. Lepilin, A. S. Kolegaev, A. E. Komlev (Moscow)
Transcatheter aortic valve replacement at treatment of acute aortic insufficiency.

10.55-11.05 V. K. Sukhov, E. A.  Shloido (St. Petersburg)
Interventional correction of critical aortic stenosis.

11.05-11.15 V. K. Sukhov (St. Petersburg)
3D-imaging in modern angiographic systems.


11.20-13.00 Emergency and critical conditions in surgical and oncological diseases.
Chairpersons: N. A. Borisova, B. N. Kotiv, V. K.  Ryzhkov, P. G. Tarazov 

11.20-11.30 M. S. Olshansky, I. P. Moshurov, E. N. Sukhochev, J. A. Shavrina, I. G. Panchenko (Voronezh)
X-ray endovascular hemostasis at major bleedings from malignant tumors.

11.30-11.40 D. I. Yurlevich, O. O. Rummo, A. E. Shcherba, E. L. Avdey, A. M. Fedoruk, I. L. Kulinkovich, Z. V. Labunets, D. A. Avdevich, O. N. Kozak, S. V. Korotkov, L. V. Kirkovsky (Minsk, Belarus)
First experience of TIPS surgery in Belarus Republic.

11.40-11.50 S. V. Volkov, S. A. Bagin, A. O. Korobkov, A. E. Udovichenko (Moscow)
Emergency endovascular interventions at thromboses and bleedings of visceral vessels after abdominal surgery.

11.50-12.00 N. B. Malaev, S. P. Borovsky, N. A. Shanazarov, R. A. Rakhimov (Astana, Kazakhstan)
Venous thromboembolic complications in oncological patients.

12.00-12.10 P. G. Tarazov, A. V. Kozlov, A. A. Polikarpov, V. V. Popov (St. Petersburg)
Interventional radiology methods for treatment of hemobilia educed by endobiliac procedures.

12.10-12.20 B. N. Kotiv, S. Ya. Ivanusa, M. V. Lazutkin, S. A. Alentiev (St. Petersburg)
Celiac trunk endovascular catheterization in patients with acute pancreatitis: opportunities for diagnosis and treatment.

12.20-12.30 S. V. Vlasenko, M. V. Agarkov, A. A. Hilchuk, D. A. Vorobyovsky, D. J. Chernyshyova, E. M. Aminov, M. V. Popov (St. Petersburg)
Optical coherence tomography for diagnosis of bile ducts malignant tumors.

12.30-12.45 Discussion.

12.45-13.50 Break.

Sponsor symposiums:
13.00-13.30 "Embolization at emergency conditions"
(supported by TERUMO company). "Levinson" lounge.

13.00-13.30 "Evolution of modern blockers of GP IIb/IIIa platelet receptors at treatment of IHD. Problems and prospects".
(supported by the company GlaxoSmithKline) "Petrov-Vodkin" hall.

13.50-18.25 Emergency and critical conditions at ischemic heart disease.
Importance of coronary arteries visualization for assessment of ACS treatment efficacy.
Chairpersons: V. V.  Dyomin, I.D. Esipovich, V. A. Ivanov, I. P. Zyryanov, I. N. Kochanov, S. P. Semitko

13.50-14.00 V. I. Sadovoy (Simferopol)
Prospects of emergency cardiology and cardiovascular surgery development in the Crimea Republic.

14.00-14.10 S. V. Vlasenko (St. Petersburg)
The past, present and future of minimally invasive intravascular interventions at emergency and critical conditions.

14.10-14.25 Lukasz Rzeszutko (Poland, Krakow)
Unique advantages of bioresorbable vascular scaffold in patients with ACS

14.25-14.35 A. G. Koledinsky, A. I. Zagorulko, S. I. Varfalomeev, V. L.  Bashilov, E.Yu. Rovda (Moscow)
Clinical experience of new generation stent implantation: bioresorbable scaffolds in patients with ACS.

14.35-14.45 I. P. Zyryanov, I. S. Bessonov, S. S. Sapozhniko (Tyumen)
Results of transcutaneous coronary interventions in patients with myocardial infarction with ST segment elevation after pre-hospital thrombolysis.

14.45-14.55 L. Z. Polonetsky, S. A. Savenko, T. L. Denisevich, V. I. Stelmashok, O. L. Polonetsky, D. V. Romanovsky (Minsk, Belarus)
Pathogenetically substantiated method for treatment and prevention of no-reflow at acute myocardial infarction with Prostaglandin Е1.

14.55-15.05 A. I. Analeev, S. P. Semitko, A. V. Azarov, P. A. Bolotov, I. M. Gubenko, V. P. Klimov, V. V. Mayskov, N. A. Karpun (Moscow)
Results of two-stage treatment of myocardial infarction with ST segment elevation caused by massive coronary thrombosis.

15.05-15.15 G. N. Belozerov, M. A. Sergeev, A. T. Balashov (Petrozavodsk)
Comparison of methods of treatment of ACS with ST segment elevation.

15.15-15.30 Cassese Salvatore (Germany)
Choice of drugs and polymer at treatment of ACS and AMI.

15.30-15.40 A. N. Bogomolov (St. Petersburg)
Risk stratification for patients with acute myocardial infarction.

15.40-15.45 S. V. Vlasenko, M. V.  Agarkov, E. M. Aminov, V. V. Popov, D. A. Vorobievsky, A. A. Hilchuk (St. Petersburg).
Stenting of the left coronary artery trunk at ACSeST. Clinical case.

15.45-15.50 V. V. Zelenin (St. Petersburg)
Turbulent blood flow in coronary artery. What does it mean? Clinical case.

15.50-16.00 G. P. Grishin, D. S. Zinin, A. V. Harchenko (Moscow)
Rational use of bioactive stent coated with titanium oxynitride at treatment of acute coronary syndrome.

16.00-16.15 Jose Diaz (Spain)
My dilemma in daily practice-what to do until I have the evidence, and what choices do I have?

16.15-16.25 D. V. Teplyakov (St. Petersburg)
Indications for triple antiplatelet therapy of ACS.

16.25-16.35 Discussion
16.35-16.50 Break.

Emergency and critical conditions at ischemic heart disease.

Visualization of coronary arteries at assessment of ACS treatment efficacy (interactive session).

16.50-17.00 E. M. Nazarov (St. Petersburg)
Use of intravascular ultrasound at stenting of LCA trunk in patients with ACS.


17.00-17.10 V. A. Ivanov, A. V. Ivanov, E. V. Tsymbal, I. I. Polyakov, I. S. Bazanov, S. B. Zharikov (Krasnogorsk)
Use of fractional flow reserve in treatment of ACS without ST segment elevation.

17.10-17.25 V. M. Mironov (Moscow)
Intravascular visualization at acute myocardial infarction and acute coronary syndrome.

17.25-17.40 I. N. Kochanov (St. Petersburg)
OCT at acute coronary syndrome. Clinical case.

17.40-17.55 S. P. Semitko (Moscow)
ACS - outward glance.

17.55-18.10 G. I. Sitnikov (Omsk)

18.10-18.25 V. V. Dyomin (Orenburg)
Clinical implications of intravascular visualization at ACS.




End of the first day.


October, 18. Day 2

8.30 Registration of participants.    10.00-15.00

Nurse section. "Deineka" hall

9.00 Opening of the second day of the conference. Welcome speech.


9.05 - 11.15 Emergency and critical conditions at ischemic heart disease.
Chairpersons: I.D. Esipovich, V. A. Ivanov, I. P. Zyryanov, I. N. Kochanov, S. P. Semitko

9.05-9.20 M. V. Didenko (St. Petersburg)
Life-threatening arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in patients after myocardial infarction.

9.20-9.30 I. M. Gubenko, A. I. Analeev, V. V. Mayskov, V. P. Klimov, S. P. Semitko (Moscow)
Comparison of transradial and transfemoral access with hemostasis devices for transcutaneous coronary interventions in patients with acute coronary syndrome.

9.30-9.40 D. V. Teplyakov (St. Petersburg)
Definition of indications for early invasive treatment of patients with NSTE-ACS. Experience of Pokrovskaya hospital.

9.40-9.50 A. Z. Tkhagapsov (St. Petersburg)
Reduction of risk of bleedings at TCI in patients with ACS.

9.50-10.00 V. V. Zelenin (St. Petersburg)
Stenting at acute coronary syndrome treatment.

10.00-10.10 V. B. Loenko, Korchakov D.A., A. I. Shestakov, M. A. Gunbin (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk)
Immediate results after bioresorbable stents implantation at acute IHD.

10.10-10.20 V. V. Dyomin, M. M. Murzaykina D.V. Demin, S.A. Dolgov, A. V. Demin, A. A. Zherdev, O. V. Vinogradova, S. A. Zaharov (Orenburg)
Using bioactive stents coated with titanium oxynitride at acute coronary syndrome with ST segment elevation.

10.20-10.35 Marek Gierlotka (Poland)
Do we really need dedicated bifurcation stents at acute coronary syndrome?

10.35-10.43 A.G. Khubulava, M. A. Kiselev, A. A. Dizhe, S. R. Lavrusenko, A. V. Zenin, A. A. Kuzmich, D. V. Kandyba (St. Petersburg)
Team approach at treatment of acute coronary syndrome. Clinical case.


10.43-10.50 P. S. Pudyakov, R. A. Azovtsev, V. A. Kovalev, A. J. Kreil, P. S. Smirnov (St. Petersburg)
Early stent thrombosis at stenting of coronary arteries. Clinical case.

10.50-11.00 M. V. Muradyan (Moscow)
Rotational angiography methods at acute conditions.

11.00-11.10 E. M. Nifontov (St. Petersburg)
Optimum time of antiplatelet prescription for patients with ACS.

11.10-11.20 Discussion.

11.20-13.30 Emergency and critical conditions in neurology and neurosurgery.
Chairpersons: I. A. Voznyuk, K. J. Orlov, A. V. Savello, D. V. Svistov

11.20-11.30 P. V. Konovalov, A. S. Novichenko, A. E. Beymanov, B. B. Piskun, G. A. Sergeev, V. S. Shkodik, N. V. Vilkotskaya (Minsk, Belarus)
Endovascular treatment of ruptured arterial aneurysm of brain at subarachnoid hemorrhage acuity.

11.30-11.40 V. V.  Berestov, K. J. Orlov, A. L. Krivoshapkin, D. S. Kislitsyn, A. V. Gorbatykh, Т. S, Shayahmetov, P. O. Seleznev (Novosibirsk)
Efficacy of assisting procedures at embolization of cerebral aneurysm at subarachnoid hemorrhage acuity.

11.40-11.50 V. K. Sukhov, E. A. Shloido, S. D. Igoshin, S.A. Amzaev, D. A. Shubenok, K. P. Kravchenko, A .S. Sergeev, К. V. Popov (St. Petersburg)
Thromboaspiration systems for treatment of ischemic stroke.

11.50-12.00 P. V. Konovalov, A. E. Beymanov, B. B. Piskun, G. A. Sergeev,  A. S. Novichenko, N. V. Vilkotskaya (Minsk, Belarus)
Use of mechanical devices for thromb extraction at treatment of acute ischemic stroke.

12.00-12.10 A. V. Smolnikov, K. L. Kozlov, E. J. Kachesov, I. B. Oleksyuk
Stenting at acuity of ischemic stroke in patients of elderly and senile age.

12.10-12.20 V. V.  Zelenin (St. Petersburg)
Hemispheric ischemic stroke. Is fast assistance possible? Clinical case.

12.20-12.30 A. V. Usachyov (Krasnodar)
Surgical approach at acuity of hemorrhage from arteriovenous malformations.

12.30-12.40 A. V. Savello (St. Petersburg)
Carotide angioplasty with stenting at ischemic stroke.

12.40-12.50 D. V. Kandyba (St. Petersburg)
Mechanical thromb extraction at treatment of ischemic stroke.

12.50-13.05 Robert Yushkat (Poland)
Intravascular treatment of emergency and critical conditions at pathologies of brain vessels.

13.05-13.20 A. A. Usachyov (Krasnodar)
Stroke prevention by protection against embolism - new technologies

13.20-13.30 Discussion.

13.30-14.20 Break.

Sponsor symposium:
13.40-14.10 Symposium supported by Balton company. "Levinson" lounge
13.40-14.10 "One more clinical case". Symposium supported by INO "IR NWR".

Clinical case of selective constant embolization of accessory renal artery against uretero-arterial fistula (St. Petersburg)
S. V. Vlasenko, M. V.  Agarkov, A. A. Hilchuk, D. A. Vorobyovsky, D. J. Chernyshova, E. M. Aminov, V. V. Popov

V. V.  Zelenin (St. Petersburg)
Stent is lost. What's to be done? Clinical case.

A.A. Matyukov, S. S. Roshchupkin (St. Petersburg)
Successful endovascular hemostasis of common femoral artery branch and coronary stenting in a senior female patient.
G. B. Sarayev, O. V. Simonov, I. M. Konstantinov, M. B. Doktaev, D. V. Savitsky, E. P. Zaychenko (St. Petersburg)
Successful retrograde recanalization СТО-LAD in a patient with history of mammary coronary bypass.

14.20-17.00 Emergency and critical conditions at failures of great vessels and their branches.
Chairpersons: T. E. Imaev, A.A. Erofeyev, A. N. Lipin, M. Ju. Kaputin, K. L. Kozlov, V. V. Teryokhin


14.20-14.30 R. S. Akchurin, T. E. Imaev, P. M. Lepilin, A. S. Kolegaev, A. E. Komlev (Moscow)
Endovascular treatment of acute aorta ruptures.

14.30-14.40 A. A. Fokin, V. V. Vladimirsky, A.V. Zhabreev, А. А. Baryshnikov, V. D. Kochnev, V. V. Chernousov (Chelyabinsk)
Immediate and proximate results of endovascular aorta replacement for prevention of emergency and critical conditions.

14.40-14.50 M. A. Chernyavsky, Yu. G. Subbotin, A. M. Chernyavsky (Novosibirsk)
Clinical case of stenting with self-extending stent of abdominal aorta sharp dissection.

14.50-15.05 Nikola Tusini (Italy)
Challenging Abdominal Aortic Aneurism-cases.

15.05-15.15 G. G. Khubulava, А. А. Yerofeev, K. L. Kozlov (St. Petersburg)
Acute aortic syndrome - upfront and endovascular surgery.

15.15-15.25 V. K. Sukhov. E.A. Shloydo, K. V. Kravchenko,  K.P.Shubenok, D. A. Sergeyev, A. S. Igoshin, S. А. Amzayev (St. Petersburg)
Bronchial arteries embolization at pulmonary bleedings.

15.25-15.35 D. V. Beloborodov, A. Yu. Chevyrov, A. L. Pigalin, V. O. Felker, N. P. Maslova (Ioshkar Ola)
First balloon angioplasty of pulmonary artery branches at PATE.

15.35-15.45 A. A. Osipenko, E. V. Kamenev, G. I. Kiselyov, M. L. Kryukova (Samara)
Efficacy of urgent endovascular revascularization of renal arteries in patient with renovascular hypertension and renal impairment.

15.45-16.00 Carlos I. Mena Hurtado (New York)
Direct connection with Yale University.
Comprehensive approach to treatment of patients with critical ischemia of lower extremities.

16.00-16.10 S. A. Belyakin, V. A. Ivanov, A. V. Ivanov, S. B. Zharikov, I. S. Bazanov, I. I. Polyakov (Krasnogorsk)
Repeated and stage surgery at treatment of critical ischemia.

16.10-16.20 A. N. Lipin, P. S. Kuryanov, A. V. Antropov, A. V. Atmadzas (St. Petersburg)
Hybrid approach to revascularization of lower extremities at critical ischemia.

16.20-16.30 Yu. Yu. Garin, S. M. Asadulaev (St. Petersburg)
Endovascular methods for diagnosis and treatment of vascular access in patients with chronic hemodialysis.

16.30-16.40 S. A. Platonov, V. V. Zavatsky, A. V. Zenin, A. Yu. Tsoy, A. S. Novitsky, A. I. Avramenko, D. V. Kandyba (St. Petersburg)
Endovascular revascularization method in patients with severe foot infection caused by critical ischemia.

16.40-16.50 A. N. Ivanenko, V. A. Pyatkov, V. V. Zobov, I. S. Semyin (Arkhangelsk)
CART algorithm at recanalization and stenting of abdominal aorta occlusions at critical ischemia of lower extremities.


17.00-18.30 Meeting of founders of INO "Intervention radiologists of the Northwest Region" Conference hall "Moskovsky"

19.00 Gala dinner dedicated to the conference anniversary.


Organizing committee of ANO "Intervention radiologists of the Northwest Region"

Ph. +7921 361 7304, fax: (812 370-4168



Electronic registration is open! www.conference.ir-nwr.ru

23-24 October 2014
Saint-Petersburg, Russia